Anticipation, Excitement and Yes I am Traveling Alone

FullSizeRender (1)Tonight I am departing on a solo journey through Canada and the United States. After months of preparation the day has finally arrived where I get to fly away and begin my adventure. Right now it all feels quite surreal and my emotions are ranging from anticipation and excitement to dare I say it, a little bit anxious about the challenges I may face along the way.

My backpack is packed, everything has been double checked, all accommodation and travel details have been printed, loaded onto my ipad and iphone, and just to be sure saved to email.

I will be away for 81 days in total. The travel will include 12 flights, 1 cruise, 2 bus trips and 6 train journeys to a total of 17 destinations, including a 3 night Rocky Mountain tour, a 2 night National Parks camping trip and a 2 night tour to Niagara Falls area. Accommodation includes mostly hostels with a few B&Bs and hotels (for those times when a little more luxury is required).   Well that’s the plan anyway, let’s see how it goes.

I have been planning this trip for about 18 months. Truth be told family and friends may be a little tired of hearing me count down the days and talking about my upcoming adventure. (“Thanks for putting up with me everyone.”)

When I tell people about my travel plans, one of the first things they ask is, “Who are you going with?”, when I answer “I’m going by myself”, the second question is usually “Do you know anyone over there?”, to which I answer “no”.  The next thing they usually say is “Oh. You’re very brave.” (To which I think, “well I’m not too sure about that”. ) Yes I’m really looking forward to this adventure and yes I am really excited, but I do get the occasional anxious moment where I think “OMG what I am I doing, going to the other side of the world on my own”.  But I guess those occasional nervous thoughts are what keep you on your toes and safe while travelling.

So why am I embarking on this solo travel adventure?

Well firstly because I love to travel and Canada and the USA have always been on my bucket list (and I’m not getting any younger!).  I remember when I was in Primary School (many years ago) I did a project on the USA and at that time thought “one day ….”. Well it’s taken about 40 years and I am just about there. Secondly, I’ve always considered myself a quiet introverted type of person, so doing this trip alone means I get to break out of my comfort zone. I will meet and talk to people who I might not usually talk to if I was traveling with someone I already know. Finally, sometimes in life you just want to step out, do something amazing and live your dreams, which intern fills you with confidence and allows some personal growth.

The truth is many people embark on solo travel (short & long adventures) every day. As I have discovered myself the internet is full of solo travel websites and blogs, giving inspiration and confidence to anyone who has ambitions of solo travel.

Happy travels!


Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Live it.

Being able to travel is like anything in life, it’s all a matter of priorities. Yes it might require a lot of planning, yes it might require hard work, yes it might require sacrifices, but if you want something enough you can find a way to make it happen.

I used the tagline ‘Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Live it!’  for my blog because it can apply to anything in life and has a been a motto I have always lived by when I wanted achieve something.

Dream it – because it all starts with a dream. I’d really like to.… I wish I could… Wouldn’t it be great if……one day…..

Believe it – because you need to believe in yourself and believe you can make you dreams come true (if you don’t believe it, it’s never going to happen).

Plan it –  because, again if you don’t start planning it’s not going to happen.  Just start planning, no matter how big or how small just start. Money is usually the biggest hurdle so open a savings account and put away a few dollars every week. Book that flight (and the rest will have to follow). Work out how you’re going to make it happen, if you want it enough you will find a way.

Live it – you’ve made it! You made a dream come true, you believed it would happen, you worked hard to make it happen, now live it and enjoy!

So, if you want to make something happen in your life Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Live it!