I didn’t do the back packing gap year thing when I was younger. In fact I didn’t really do much traveling until my forties. I was a young single Mum and during that stage of my life my priority was to be the best Mum I could  be  to my two wonderful children.  Being a Mum was clearly the most important and fulfilling thing I have ever done, but the dream of travelling the world once my children were grown was never far away. Somehow I managed to raise two competent young adults who are capable of looking after themselves and now it is time for me to live some new dreams and travel the world.

In my early forties I had two enjoyable tips to Europe, one with my mother (5 weeks)  and one with my daughter (3 weeks). As I embark on a 12 week solo adventure of Canada and the USA I plan to share this and future  travel experiences, along with some advice through this blog. I hope Michelle’s Travel Adventures inspires and helps others successfully follow their own dreams of travel.